PAPCL boundary map


  • Bow Creek

  • Brookwood

  • Carriage Hill

  • North Gate

  • Pecan Gardens

  • Princess Anne Plaza

  • Windsor Forest

  • Windsor Oaks

  • Windsor Oaks West

  • Windsor Woods

Our Purpose

The object of this league shall be the encouragement and promotion of civic betterment in all fields, such as cultural, educational, social, and recreational, in this section of the City of Virginia Beach, known as the Plaza and Windsor Area and its environs, through individual and united efforts. It shall also be an objective, to cooperate with the neighboring civic and garden clubs, to keep this section of Virginia Beach free from undesirable rezoning, and to promote its betterment as a primarily residential section. The League will also serve as a forum for all members of the League to express their views and for the expression of a community stand on such questions as may legally come before it.  This League shall be non-sectarian and non-partisan. However, we deem it a civic duty for all members to register and vote in all local, state, and federal elections where applicable.

The Executive Board

Office Person Email Address
President Emily Hoapili 
1st Vice President Clinton Mills
2nd Vice President Wayne Mead
Recording Secretary Fran Sansone
Treasurer Sarah Johnson
Trustee Stephanie Allen-Abreu
Trustee Phyllis Elms
Trustee Betty Warren
Immediate Past President Bob Elms
Flooding Committee Chair Bob Jennings
Programming Chair Yvonne Lewis