The Civic League Ledger

Is a Monthly Newsletter

1. Ads can be placed from one to ten months.

2. When an ad is taken out for nine months and the fee is paid when the ad is placed the ad will  

    run for ten months and the tenth month will be free.

3. Ad must be print ready, as you would have them appear in the newsletter. then e-mail the ad to as a PDF or JPEG file.

4. The ad and payment must be received by the 20th. of the month to be included in the                     following months Newsletter.

5. If ads are taken for multiple months and there is no change in the ad, the previous months ad       will be included in the Newsletter.

6. Make your check payable to the Princess Anne Plaza Civic League. Then mail it to; Editor,

    3601 Presidential Cir., VA Beach, VA 23452

    For more info you may call, 831-9111.



  • 1/8 page is $10 per issue or $90 for ten issues

  • 1/4 page is $20 per issue or $180 for ten issues

  • 1/2 page is $40 per issue or $360 for ten issues

  • a full page ad is $80 per issue or $720 for ten issues

my business copyright 2000 no animals were harmed in the making

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