Princess Anne Plaza

Civic League

Princess Anne Plaza Civic League Inc Est. 1965

For POLICE, FIRE or RESCUE Emergencies.

Dial 911


Phone Numbers and Contact Information:

Non-Emergency Number----------------------385-5000

Animal Control-----------------------------------385-4444

Chief's Office Phone: --------------------------385-4141

Crime Solvers Hotline--------------------------427-0000

First Precinct-------------------------------------385-4377 1st. Pct. Crime Prevention Officer:

MPO Bradley Detrich

Phone: 385-1371

Office Phone: 385-1006


Fourth Precinct-----------------------------------385-2800

4th. Pct. Crime Prevention Officer:

MPO L. Krieger

Phone: 385- 1324

Office Phone: 385-1006


Other Phone Numbers For The PD

Link to the Police Department

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