Flooding in our area has been a problem for sometime and for the past year the Civic League's flooding committee has been working on the issue. We have had Public Works at our meetings discussing what can be done and now work has begun in the Windsor Woods, area. Still there are problems in the Princess Anne Plaza area and Windsor Oaks and the Lakes that are to be addressed in the Fall of 2016. The work being done now will reduce flooding during heavy rain events.

Later work to mitigate flooding in our area due to tropical storms and hurricanes will begin.

To assist the Engineers of Public Works Storm Water Management Division, you are asked to forward pictures that have been taken during the following two storms, Tropical Storm Julia Sept. 19th-23rd of 2016 and Hurricane Mathew October 8th-9th of 2016.

Please only forward pictures of severe flooding with a land mark that shows the depth of the water; ie, a car, the side of the house, interior shots, fire hydrant. Any object that is of a known height and  size.

When forwarding your pictures to the following, stormpics@vbgov.com include the following in your email; date picture was taken, where the picture was taken (address or intersection), date and time taken.

If you still have questions call 385-8062

Plans and Studies

Final Report of Windsor Woods Drainage Improvements Preliminary Engineering Report


The Executive Summary Sept. 2019

The Final Report Summary Sept. 2019

Brochures & Maps

Overall Project Brochure

Combined Drainage Improvements

Aug. 2020

Final Report of The Lakes and Princess Anne Plaza

Drainage Improvements

Preliminary Engineering Report

The Executive Summary Nov. 2019

The Final Report Summary Nov. 2019

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Questions and Answers

Windsor Woods, Princess Anne Plaza & The Lakes Combined Drainage Project

March 2020


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